Monday, January 5, 2009

Curtorim Gram Sabha feels the heat of mega projects

Curtorim segoa opposes mega projectsems to be the latest entrant in the series of cities and villages opposing mega projects in the state of Goa. The special Gram sabha convened at Curtorim on Sunday January 5 2009, witnessed heated discussions over proposed mega projects in the village of Curtorim.

The project of a Delhi based real estate developer took centre stage as villagers of Curtorim took strong objection to his project whicGoa mega projectsh planned for over 150 flats on an area of 26,000 square kilometers. The villagers were also upset over the order passed by the additional director of Panchayats directing the Panchayat of Curtorim to process the file of the mega project within a stipulated time.

While pointing out vehemently that the project is being planned in an “orchard zone” marked in the draft plan 2021, the villagers smelt a fraud in the grant of approvals for the project.

Apprehensions of water scarcity, surmounting garbage and spurt in vector borne diseases were expressed by the locals of Curtorim regarding the project and the gran sabha therefore resolved to confront the higher authorities on the matter.

The draft regional plan RP 2021 also came in for discussion at the gram sabha with criticism from the villagers for failure of the panchayat to convene a meeting for its discussion.

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