Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moral Police raise ugly head in Goa

Of late we have been cowed down by terror in different parts of the country. terrorists from across the border have used our land to export their brand of fundamentalism without any consideration to humanity.

However in India we have our own brand of terrorists in the garb of moral police. And it is now alarming that they have begun to show their ugly face in Goa. Last week we all saw on television, some marauders beating up women outside a pub in Mangalore in broad daylight just to demonstrate to them their cultural wisdom of rights and wrongs. Who gave these rowdy class the right to brazenly attack innocent people is a question the state government of Karnataka must answer. The citizens of Mangalore must force the government to answer.

Meanwhile in Goa, we had another outfit in the alleged name of the "Shiv Sena" who thankfully does not have any presence worth the name in Goa, attacking a multiplex in Goa with their fundamentalist wisdom to stop the screening of the movie "Slumdog Millionaire". While the movie has been acclaimed by one and all in India and abroad, besides being nominated in 10 categories for the prestigious Oscar awards, these moral police seem to be unemployed and disgruntled elements who only want to shower their might against the people to blow their own conch .

How can these tyrannical brigades be allowed to take law into their own hands and terrorise citizens just because they have a different point of view? Is there no law in the land to handle censorship and other such issues? Who are these hooligans to hold people to ransom with their terror acts? Such talibanisation is the root cause of all evil and terror spreading in our country.

It is also alarming that these elements were allowed to cause disturbance in peaceful Goa. Our name can only get tarnished if we allow such goondaism to prevail in our state of Goa and allow such senselessness to go unpunished.

It is therefore the duty of the Government of Goa to identify the culprits and clamp its authority over them in the most stringent manner. We cannot allow such thuggery to hold Goans to ransom for petty political colouring, thus hurting our tourist state of Goa.

These goons should be punished without restraint. But does the government have the will to do it?

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