Saturday, January 31, 2009

And now Goa BJP opposes ban on land sale to foreigners

The Goa BJP dropped a bombshell when their leader Mr Manohar Parrikar suggested on Friday that the party does not support a blanket ban on the sale of agricultural land to foreigners but would support a ceiling or some regulation on such transactions. He further stated that unregulated sale of land in Goa should be curbed.

Mr Parrikar stressed on the need to define the term agricultural land in the proposed bill including the status of the Khazan lands, pastures and orchards. He further stated that legal opinion should be taken to understand the position about such land lest the agricultural land be sold through their conversions

The Opposition leader said that the BJP in the meanwhile will demand special status for Goa to prevent the demographic changes in Goa due to population migration besides maintaining identity of the state.

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