Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goa dairy in spotlight of Consumer council

Goa dairy's decades old milk retailing system made through a state wide network of over 600 milk booths came under critical review from consumers and activists with allegations of anomalies in pricing etc.

Members of the district consumer protection council felt that Goa dairy officials and registrar of co-operative societies should interact in order to prevent customers from being fleeced by the retailers.

Claiming that milk booths shut on an individual consumer after 15 minutes of opening, the council members complained that some retailers are allowed to buy in bulk everyday resulting in the situation.

The controller of legal metrology in Goa agreed with the council for the need to critically analyze Goa dairy's marketing plan and feared that the consumer, may be cheated due to dual pricing due to overcharging by certain retailers.

The demand was to strengthen the network of marketing and price the product appropriately

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