Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goa garbage issues rotting by the day

It is a stench that the government of Goa can ill afford to ignore. From Sonsoddo to Curca, and Bainguinim, the Goa garbage issue has added to the misery of Goan streets and cities and has put citizens into extreme "stenchress".

Many will however quickly add that  Goan citizens are the real reason behind the garbage puzzle. With opposition to any and every site chosen for the garbage disposal, the government seems to be currently clueless to handle this very delicate issue affecting the state.

Politicians are also heavily responsible for the current impasse as none of them want to entertain a garbage disposal site in their constituency lest they lose their next election.One site after another meets the same fate of agitations to drive off garbage.Nobody is willing to trust the government that they will manage the garbage effectively. Old wounds die hard. Sonsoddo is grappling with stench for decades and the situation is not changing. Curca residents trusted the government who let them down with complete neglect of the garbage site rendering the villages and spring wells contaminated. The opposition from Goans is therefore justified and what the government needs to do right now is win their confidence which is shattered thanks to neglect of the state added with corrupt and greedy politics.

Amidst the hue and cry, a team of legislators, bureaucrats, and sweepers( to balance the politically enriching team) will once again go on a tour of some developing European countries or the Australian continent at our expense, in a bid to scout for some solutions and take an on-hand experience of how they handle their garbage. Never mind that they will all enjoy a clueless jamboree and ransack the entire touring funds for their much delayed appetite of abusing government money on food , drinks, music and song and when they unwind their picnic, their clueless trip will give not an inch of information about how to deal with the issue and no one will be willing to ask the wisdom of the study tour leave alone investigate their yearly expensive sojourn.

No doubt Goans dont trust garbage in their backyard with such irresponsible leaders around. Why should they? Let the legislators search for solutions. Thats what they were elected for, weren't they?

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