Friday, January 9, 2009

Goa reels under fuel shortage

Panic seems to have gripped Goa and Goans as the strike of the employees of Indian Petroleum companies seemed to have its effect on Goa as  much as it has all over the country.

Long serpentine queues of two wheelers and four wheelers were seen at various petrol pumps throughout Goa, most of them spilling over busy roads, jeopardising vehicular movement and causing trafiic jams at various places.

With the exception of the pumps of Hindustan petroleum, other gas stations ran out of stock as they were supplied their last stocks of petrol and diesel on Wednesday 7th January 2009.

The general perception among the people of Goa is that if the strike continues for a couple days more,the entire transport system, both public and private would inevitably come to a standstill and affect households as well.

Such a crippling strike by the employees of the oil companies to hold the general public to ransom is absolutely uncalled for and strict action needs to be taken against such errant employees as fuel as a commodity is in the "Essential" category and its continuous shortage could be even life threatening in some cases of emergencies.

Meanwhile the state government of Goa has invoked ESMA ( Essential Services Maintenance Act) late last night on thursday, in a bid to thwart a complete paralysis of the movement of the people and goods, with fuel stocks continuously depleting with the oil companies.

Meanwhile the prices of vegetables and other essential commodities have suddenly risen owing to the crisis imposed due to the truckers strike.

The government needs to take some stringent action against such unlawful acts on the part of some employees of the oil companies as well as the chronic truck-strikers lobby to ensure that the common man does not have to face hardships in daily life.

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