Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goa Movement For Special Status

There is indeed a movement called the "Goa movement for Special staus" (GMFSS) within Goa which claims that there shall be no rest untill Goa is granted the special status without delay.

While some eminent citizens are part of this movement, it is also heartening to note that a former MLA of the last term, Mr Mathany Saldanha is spearheading the movement seeking to grant special status for the state just like that enjoyed by some north Indian states.

However one wonders that despite being in office with the BJP for over 5 years in the ruling government ,why Mr Mathany Saldanha did not come up with the brilliant idea during his tenure as a Minister is a mystery. Is it that when one is out of power or in the opposition, it is much easier to assail and put the government of the day on the mat? and thereby become a hero? for another election?

This is therefore a test of the Congress government to deliver. Why are they dragging on the issue? Why is there no comment? What is stopping them? Is there a rat in somewhere?

Special status is extremely urgent. Everything else can wait.

Xittuk Goencar

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