Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goa says Goodbye to 2008! Hello 2009!

Goa gets the busiest on New years eve every year. Jam packed roads, serpentine traGoa rings in New Yearffic queues, al kinds of performers headed for different destinations within Goa, Churches bracing for mid-night masses, dance venues agog with the hustle and bustle of a great party and homes with relatives and friends pooling together to ensure that new years time is celebrated with the Goan spirit which never fades.

Whatever reason that people from all walks of life in Goa stayed up for, the spirit was upbeat although celebrations were mandatorily toned down in comparison to previous years of uninhibited indulgence.

Last night, it wa again that amorous time of the year in Goa on New years eve. A time when Goa played host to various kinds of people from all over the country and from different parts of the globe to soak in the revelling Goan spirit. Despite the numbers not swelling over the previous years, they did not dwindle this year and in fact the revelry was there for all to see.

For the Indian tourist, the boat cruises in Goa hold a swaying appeal and many prefer to ring in the New Year on the boat cruises. They build up the crescendo for that greatest midnight moment by drink, smoke , music and dance in absolute gay abandon and when the clock does strike twelve at midnight there is a boisterous burst of greeting and hugging each other as they continue their loud cheer.

There are also the great photographic moments to capture at midnight, when the sky is literally swamped with fireworks and the dazzling display leaves everyone gasping for a long time.

The starred hotels in Goa are probably at their busiest best during New years time with guests packed in and willing to indulge in the very late hours of the night. The alcohol flows there abundantly and tourists compete in drinking competitions. That propels Indian tourists especially to shake their oversized frames like never before and they would like to keep pace with everyone including the lissome Russian belly dancers, sometimes their imitations bordering dangerously close thereby warranting intervention.

Then there are those who have a quiet outing at a restaurant or at a coffee shop. For those who prefer to stay away from the din and the clamour this is the perfect moment to share sweet somethings and cuddle with each other at the precious strike of midnight. Friends and relatives also sometimes prefer to spend a quiet evening with close ones ina small pub or restaurant for a change. Sing-songs and rapturous spontaneity of one-liners accompany such great gatherings which may also be restricted to homes especially the Old goan houses which play host to the entire generation of the family to take part in the New Year revelry with Auld Lang Syne playing down for a long time.

For the boisterous party goers of Goa, the regular dance haunts had indeed increased this year over last year in sharp contrast to the terror factor. People rocked the night in celebrations from North to South Goa letting their hair down much longer than usual. With the best of Goan bands doing the service at all the dance venues, the party magic had indeed caught everyone mystically just like it does every year.

The only missing part of the whole entertainment jigsaw of Goa was the quiet on the beaches which always spring to life at New Years time . But the beach sides were nevertheless lit up with the fireworks emanating from the hotels on a regular basis after midnight.

All in all it was a wonderful way for Goa to usher in the New year 2009.

Xittuk Goencar

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