Friday, January 30, 2009

Goa govt to ban sale of agricultural land

The government of Goa seems to have woken up belatedly. On Thursday the Chief Minister Mr Digambar Kamat said that his government would introduce a bill soon to ban the sale of agricultural land to foreigners reportedly on the same lines as those existing in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

While this will be a welcome step to save the prime resource of Goa from being depleted in the hands of land sharks from abroad, it does nothing to prevent land sharks from our own country in rampaging on the scarce land in Goa.

If the government of Goa is indeed sincere in its efforts to stop real estate marauders from destroying Goa and its ecological balance, then it should ensure that all land sales are stopped for people who do not have a domicile in Goa.

This would ensure two things. One, the culture of Goa would be maintained and would not get polluted over a period of time from migrants who obviously do not identify with Goan culture and are unable to imbibe proper civic sense and two, it will enable Goans to afford to buy land in Goa for their own sustenance. Currently with prices soaring, Goans themselves are unable to buy land in their own state and this could result in civil problems sooner than later.

One hopes that the Government of Goa is sincere in its efforts and not merely fooling the people with an eyewash.

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