Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goa Politics - Rare test of Manohar Parrikar

Its politiManohar Parrikarcs of a different kind in Goa. This time it is within a party not known to air its internal differences out in the open. The BJP has always maintained a silence on internal bickerings especially in Goa and therefore the revolt within, seems to have been simmering for far too long to be silenced anymore.

For the first time probably in his political career, the former Chief Minister and the current leader of the opposition is facing a piquant situation from which he is finding it unusually discomforting to wriggle out . He probably finds it difficult to understand whether his own partymen in Goa are inspiration behind the show or if it is the generous but uncalled for largesse extended to him by his Central party office which has asked him to stand up for elections in South Goa parliamentary constituency.

In his bid to drive his displeasure home, Mr Parrikar has resorted to calling the very idea "foolish" and senseless and openly expressed his unwillingness to contest elections from South Goa parliamentary seat. However strangely, his party seems to be in no mood to listen to his whims and are keen to push him to contest the election despite his high sense of reluctance.

Mr Parrikar while denying any rift from within his party, was absolutely annoyed over the persistence of shortlisting his name for the candidature even after refusing the proposal.

His reluctance was sought to be countered by Mr Rajiv Pratap Rudy , the national spokesperson of the BJP and the party's in-charge for Goa, who maintained that shifting to New Delhi  would not mean end of the road in Goa politics for Mr Parrikar. Citing his "winnability" acumen, Mr Rudy opined that his promotion in the  party's political hierarchy in New Delhi does not mean a forced departure from Goa politics.

In the meanwhile Mr.Shripad Naik the party President ofshripad naik the BJP in Goa maintained that the party is more important than the individual and the traces of one-upmanship were clearly visible in the BJP with a leadership tussle awaiting to come out in the open anytime.

Will Mr Manohar Parrikar buckle to the desires of his party bosses or will he play hide and seek and deflate the grandiose plans of his detractors within the local Goa BJP? The party seems to be  in guess mode in itself.

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