Friday, January 2, 2009

3 Goans dead. Is Goa chronic to New Year tragedies?

New yeaaccident in Goar revelry in Goa comes for a high price. It has already snuffed out the lives of 3 Goans on New years evewhile on a celebration spree. Every year the New years eve and New years day sems to be a death knell for many in Goa which leaves families in utter mourning instead of happily celebrating the New year.

Fast cars, heady speeds and a mix of dance, music, song added to the spirits of wine seems to be a combination that Goans are finding too hard to handle at New years time and are willing to take chances with their lives.
Three Goans dead
Three Goans were killed in two separate incidents on New years day. 26 year old Melbert Pinto from Karaswada and Shreeharsh Diukar 27, from Porvorim were killed in an accident at Mapusa when they left the dance venue midway and lost control of the maruti Swift which Diukar was driving, ramming it into a tree and meeting with death on the spot.

The other mishap occurred when Mr Christopher Pires from Bhatulem, while returning from a New year party dashed on an oncoming pick-up truck on the slope at Nio Dona Paula sustaining serious injuries and was declared brought dead in GMC hospital.

Such incidents can be so painful for the entire family on such a joyous day such as New year and also with the Christmas season still on, it is a moment that the family will be haunted with, every year at Christmas time.

This phenomenon of deaths due to accidents on New years day is a foregone conclusion in Goa and in fact Januaries of every year account for the maximum deaths with the New years day the major day of death in Goa.

Goans need to be responsible
With such information of death statistics available with us, Goans should behave mGoa accidentore responsibly on New years day and traffic police should infact ensure that drunken driving does not escape their attention on New years eve as drinking and driving seems to be the main culprit of such incidents on this boisterous night.

Even while people in Goa have become more responsible( or rather forced by traffic cops) wearing helmets on Goan roads, according to the traffic education cell, there is a major accident on Goan roads every 2 hours and accidents claim one life every 26 hours.

These are alarming statistics. The government ought to find the root cause and ensure better road sense in Goa

Xittuk Goencar

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Arnold said...

I remember a couple of years ago, in Goa, when I was driving back pretty late in the night after a wedding reception. I was piss drunk but then so were most of the others. We were staying in Panjim—not very far from the wedding venue—and so driving seemed like an ‘okay’ option.

Oddly enough, we were stopped by two cops. It was pretty obvious (or so it seemed then) that I was hammered. I was readying myself for at worst a night in the lock up or at best a heavy fine. But what do you know—they ask for my license, look at it, hand it back to me and wave me on!

I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have gotten away that easily in any other place in the country!

And I’m not proud of the DUI—as it might seem from this comment—but just stating what seemed to me to be a rather astonishing incident.

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