Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Goa assembly in "action" mode

The Goa assembly is in "action" mode. Seated inside are 40 people who were sent there for a job ,by you and me. One of them is the Chief Minister. Another is the Speaker. A third is the Dy speaker and a fourth is the opposition leader. Take 12 ministers from there. That leaves a few others as chairpersons of various corporations while some have found their parliamentary secretary job disappearing due to neighbours' envy and their own losing pride.The final tally you are left with are the rest of the "common -cause-disgruntled - brigade," which does not know when to jump, where to jump and for how much to take the plunge.

With plots and counterplots being the lustful tradition in recent times, and the common man of Goa already kept busy in the work that our leaders were expected to do for us, namely protests against regional plans, SEZ's, megaprojects, highway alignments, mining belt excesses, illegal hill cuttings, blatant conversions of agricultural lands into settlement zones and rampant land sales to one and all, garbage messes all over Goa, River princess menace etc.Goa assembly sessions have been reduced to "misleading" civics classes for students who are in for some free entertainment. However after the entertainment is over and when they get back to school their teachers are bound to have a harrowing time explaining the anomalies in the books versus the "tamasha" in practice.

In our days I wonder why our teachers never thought of taking us to watch this circus. Maybe in those days the entertainment had just begun. Its full throttle now. But it sure is killing us faster than we think.

Alas Goa!

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