Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goans should not lose land for a song

The question of compensating land losers in Goa has been an ancient one. People have lost land for various mega developmental projects like the Konkan railway for a paltry sum. The villagers of Nuvem are the latest to join the bandwagon of people over whom the horror of land acquisition for " haphazard development" seems to be hanging like a sword of Democles on their heads.

The government of Goa should show its character by solving the problem of these people as also of all Goans who are suddenly losing their ancestral land and that too for a pittance in the name of development.

It is high time the government of Goa takes this matter on a war footing and solves this issue in the interest of Goans. Give what is due. People living for centuries in their homes are not beggars. Migrants in Goa have made great livings. Atleast be kind to your own Goans and give to us our due.

Dont make Goans homeless and poor just because of swanky roads for the rich and the mighty.

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