Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Portuguese passport procedure for Goans - Bilhete De Identidade

After submitting your documentation to claim the Portuguese nationality, you will be receiving the Assento de nascimento(Registration of your birth) from Portugal. The letter of confirmation of this will be sent to you and a copy will be sent to the Portuguese consulate in Goa.

The consulate will subsequently send you an intimation to collect your Assento de Nascimento which you have to collect from the consBilhete de Identidade Goaulate on the appointed date. After collecting the Assento de Nascimento, you need to register your marriage in Portugal if you are married and if you wish to register your children as well.

For registration of marriage in Goa through the consulate of Portugal, you need to first make the identity card which is the Bilhete de Identidade. Once you make the Bilhete de Identidade ( BI), you can then apply for the registration of Marriage. However the process is shorter if applied directly by some representative in Portugal where you don't need to make the Bilhete de Identidade ( BI) in order to register your marriage. In Portugal, you can directly register your marriage before making the Bilhete de Identidade ( BI).

Until march 2009 there was no need to have a separate appointment to make your Bilhete de Identidade ( BI) in Goa. However from April 2009 the process is expected to undergo a change and it is believed that the Bilhete de identidade may also require a prior appointment from the Portuguese consulate in Goa. This has been necessitated due to the high number of applicants for BI on a daily basis thus burdening the consulate considerably.

However till now, no such update is given on the website of the Portugal consulate in Goa and whenever this update is given, it would be prudent to follow it. To visit the portugal consulate in Goa click here.

For complete detailed and step by step info on the portuguese passport process CLICK HERE


Malachi said...

Very clear and very useful blog! My father is currently in the proces of applying and i am sure this information will help him. Thank you

neville said...
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neville said...
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melroy said...

the best website to get all the details about the Portuguese nationality for goans.....very crystal very grateful to you.....with each and every query im having in my mind....a glance at this blog provides all the answers....

i just have got one more query which i am still not satisfied per the requirements i am fully aware with the procedure till the documents attestation at the collector till the Portuguese consulate in Goa....but whats the procedure after all these formalities???????

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OSD said...

Thanks a Lot God Bless You for sharing such nice kind of Information on this blog. Even my most of My Family members are in London they never told me how to process.
Once again Thanks a Lot and God Bless You and Your Family


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