Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goa election campaigning ends as suitors await polls

The dust is slowly settling down on the election campaign in Goa which had reached a feverish pitch in the last few days with rallies, corner meetings and personal visits by the top candidates in their bid to woo the voters to buy their story of providing the best for Goa through a slew of promises.

Interestingly, both the Congress and the BJP the major contenders for the two seats predicted victory in both the constituencies. However the margin of victory predicted by the two parties differed in opposite directions. While the congress predicted that they would win South Goa by a margin of 50,000 votes, the party was confident of wresting the North Goa seat for its alliance partner the NCP, by a margin of at least 25,000 votes.

The Congress maintained that the response towards the party by the people of Goa was tremendous and even the rural areas of Goa were supporting the party unfailingly.

The BJP also contended that their candidates in both the constituencies would win the elections by a comfortable margin although the comfort was more for the North Goa seat than the south Goa seat.

With the national parties dominating the election scene in Goa, the regional parties such as the UGDP and the MGP claimed to have covered a lot of ground and staked their claim of winning the seat for south and North respectively. However it is expected that these two parties will only cut into the vote share of the Congress in the south and the BJP in the North.

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