Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goa mangoes still out of reach of Aam Aadmi

The prices of mangoes in Goa in 2009 seem to be following a different path compared to the figures of inflation in the country currently hovering at less than half a percent and threatening to go negative en route to deflation.

While Goans are as bewildered as anybody else in the country on the misleading inflation figures, when prices of essential commodities are not showing any signs of reducing, Goan mangoes are however priced higher due to a bad crop of the delicacy. Not only are mango eaters finding it a misery but the industry dependent on the mango products is currently shattered at the sad news of a low yield of mangoes this season.  Goa Aam Aadmi

The yield being low, the cost of mangoes has gone up tremendously making manufacturers of mango products such as mango jams, juices and pickles sit up in despair. Added to that is the fact that cost of production has increased two fold adding to the worries of these enterprises.

There are other niggling problems which also affect the industry. For instance mango pluckers have suddenly become a rare commodity and that has only added to the downtimes due to depleted stocks.

The mango products are therefore expected to be more dearer to Goans in the coming season and estimates predict the prices to increase at least by around 20 - 30 % in the near future.

However with the intense competition, raising prices can also be counterproductive to local Goan industry and the manufacturers are seeking government help to reduce the value added tax ( VAT) on mango products to at least six percent from the current 12 % which the industry feels is too high and erodes the profits of small scale industries currently operating in Goa.

The manufacturers also want the government of Goa to intervene through the Goa chamber of commerce and industry (GCCI) with some marketing and export oriented schemes to encourage Goan manufacturers.

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