Friday, April 10, 2009

Goa NGO's coming together could alter equations

A charter of demands is awaiting to greet Goa's Lok sabha candidates, thanks to a grandiose coalition of some nine NGO's in Goa who have come together under one banner although some of their ideologies may be contrastingly different , to ensure that the Goan electorate is not taken for granted.

Although the move may be a genuine apolitical venture, the resolve of these NGOs is bound to give some candidates aspiring to get elected, some sleepless nights. The NGOs coming together under the banner of " Nirashi Goencarancho avaz" ( voice of disappointed Goans) have decided not to support any of the national parties while expressing their disgust over their continued failure to resolve the issues specific to the state of Goa.

The nine NGOs who have come under the common banner are

  • Utt Goenkara
  • Goenchea Ramponkarancho ekvott
  • Niz Ramponkarancho ekvott
  • United Goans welfare front
  • Majorda social welfare forum
  • Villagers of Colva , Sernabatim, Vanelim and Gandaulim
  • Federation of association of tour taxi owners and drivers
  • Goa's movement against SEZ
  • Film makers

The new banner organisation has felt that the national parties do not serve Goa's cause and have betrayed the electorate of Goa. These parties need to run to their high command for each and every issue with respect to the state and cannot be relied upon. The association has decided to present a memorandum of their demands to all the candidates and have resolved to support the candidate who will accept their demands.

Some of the major demands of the association are as follows

  1. Enforcing a ban on mega projects in the entire state of Goa
  2. Scrapping of the amendment to the Goa Panchayati raj act
  3. Enforcement of rules of heritage and its implementation
  4. Devolution of powers to local self governing bodies as envisaged in the 73rd and 74th amendment to the constitution of India.
  5. regularisation of houses located within 500 metres of the HTL in CRZ areas.
  6. According special status to Goa
  7. Tourism industry employees to be employed under the minimum wage regulations
  8. Withdrawal of the 16 and 16A amendments to the TCP act
  9. denotification of the 3 SEZs
  10. No new mining leases to be issued and lapsed mining leases to be cancelled.

Will this new association be able to influence the electorate and change political equations in Goa?  Surely, the candidates must be already feeling the heat.

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