Sunday, April 26, 2009

Goa forest dept jumps high to rescue jumping chicken

Jumping Chicken, the pet name given to frogs by frog-eaters in Goa, which has been a imagetraditional delicacy for a section of people in Goa with the advent of the monsoons, is on the most powerful and vigilant radar of law makers this year thanks to the state forest department which has decided to start a " save frog" campaign in Goa

So on the jumping list will not only be frog catchers, but also restaurants in Goa who have been traditionally known to serve frog meat and the list of such erring restaurants is currently being compiled by the department in a bid to evince the co-operation of such eateries while urging them to stop the practice of servicing the "jumping chicken"

Education and the spread of awareness of the threat to the existence of frogs and thereby the ills effected to the ecosystem in Goa would be a part of the campaign initiated by the forest department.

The punishment includes a fine of Rs 25,000 and upto three years imprisonment. patrolling teams for the monsoon season are being worked out to patrol for offenders in most frog-prone areas known for abuse by frog catchers. Wild Goa, a network of wildlife enthusiasts are expected to assist the forest department in the whole campaign.

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