Monday, April 20, 2009

Special status for Goa : Promises and curses

The issue of special status for Goa is part of poll rhetoric which is being pulled out like a rabbit out of a hat for the Goan electorate to marvel at by the various candidates at Lok sabha or assembly elections.

Goans should realise that all that is being fed to us is only rhetoric alone with hollow promises. If our political parties in Goa were interested in the special status for this scarce land of Goa, they would have done it on their own without being reminded umpteen times which goes to prove that our elected representatives do not have any own agenda for the welfare of goa. All they can think of is an opportunity to take advantage of. Special status clamour is one such opportunity which can blind the reasoning power of Goans to favour a candidate who may have a history of doing nothing more than put his tongue out numerous times only in speech and no indications of any actions.

While Goa is in dire straits at the present moment, there is a grave need to shield our resources from the evil eyes of all and sundry who are out to make money at the expense of our land and sea. Our elected representatives who have been continuously reminded of their job needed to voice out Goa's concerns at the centre to enable us to get special status. However there has never been a demand so why should the centre bother.

So the sad part is soon after the election results are declared there will be two sides. One which could not win and the other which won. The winner will forget his/her manifesto and the loser will use the opportunity of the winners' loss of memory to trumpet at future election meetings. All in all it is a hopeless situation that we Goans find ourselves caught in among the cross fire of these more powerful Goans who do not care about Goa.

All manifestoes, promises, assurances are therefore to be treated as election jokes. One wonders as to when the election commission will allow voters in India to register "No-vote". Goans surely would grab the opportunity with both hands to shun all politicians away from the coveted seat..

Meanwhile for the current winner who will do nothing or mumble half hearted voices on the special status, our curses are in waiting.

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