Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goa Catholic Minority front to lodge complaint with EC

The Goa catholic Minority Front(GCMF) a newly formed organisation is expected to lodge a complaint with the Election Commission and the Minorities commission Delhi against the office of the chief Electoral officer for the controversial statements made by him that " weddings in Goa should be cancelled if couples do not get permission to serve liquor to their guests art their wedding receptions".

The GCMF which has been formed in a bid to safeguard and protect the interests of the catholic community in Goa has appointed Mr Barnabe Sapeco from Panjim as its convenor while Mr Eddie Fernandes of Vasco is its co-convenor.

The association informed that weddings in Goa are events which happen after lot of advance planning, often a year before the wedding date. The organisation strongly condemned the statement made by the chief electoral officer that weddings be cancelled or postponed if the requisite permission to serve liquor is not obtained at their wedding receptions. This, they opined was a direct insult to Goa and Goans at large while highlighting the immaturity on the part of the Chief Electoral officer in responding to a very delicate issue which discriminates against a minority community.

The sentiments of Catholics have been hurt by the restrictions as the serving of wine at wedding receptions is an age old custom and a local tradition of Goans.

It may be recalled that nearly fourteen wedding couples had sought permission from the election commission to serve wine in line with earlier precedents when such permission was allowed in such special cases

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