Friday, April 3, 2009

South Goa seat : Bigwigs file nominations

Amid hectic political activity in the build-up to the Lok Sabha elections, the candidates from various political parties filed their nomination papers on Thursday for the South Goa parliamentary seat. Mr Francisco Sardinha (Congress) Mr Narendra Sawaikar (BJP) Mr Mathanhy Saldanha (UGDP) and Antonio Fernandes and Mr Borkar (Both Save Goa front) filed their nominations for the congress bastion of South Goa's Parliamentary constituency.

The Save Goa front which was the first party in the morning to file the nominations, had two nominations filed for the South Goa parliamentary seat. The two candidates are Mr Antonio Fernandes and Mr Borkar who were both accompanied by Mr Gaoncar and party workers filed the nominations under the same party . The party is expected to finalise on either one of the candidates in the coming days.

The congress nomination was the next in the day by Mr Francisco congress party symbol Sardinha who was accompanied by the chief Minister Mr Digambar kamat, Goa party President MR Subhash Shirodkar, Home Minister Mr Ravi Naik, Urban Development Minister Mr Joaquim Alemao and other party workers. Sardinha maintained his priority to  introduce the bill on Dhirio in parliament as his resolve towards the people.

The UGDP candidate Mr Mathany Saldanha also filed his UGDP party symbolnomination papers accompanied by Party President Mr Jorson Fernandes, party's general secretary Mr Anacleto Viegas, Mr Radharao Gracias and others.

The BJP candidate was the last of the day with Mr Narendra Sawaikar filing his nomination accompanied by Mr Manohar Parrikar, North goa BJP party symbol candidate of the BJP Mr Shripad Naik, Mr Damodar Naik, Mr Vijay Pai Khot and Mr Ramesh Tawadkar among others. Mr Sawaikar expressed his resolve to solve the CRZ issue and the issues related to Goa state security and interestingly mentioned that the UGDP candidate was his main rival

Apart form these candidates others in the fray are CPI candidate Mr Rajendra Mangeshkar and two Independent candidates Mr Jawahar Dias and MR Mulla Salim.

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