Friday, April 17, 2009

Goan beaches to feel the heat of global warming

While people have warmed up to the embrace of the Goan beaches for ages and continue to do so till date, global warming is one such embrace that the Goan beaches would surely want to wish away. However it is one world that we all live in and therefore have to bear the consequences of human neglect towards the environment which seems to be now taking a heavy toll all over the world.Goan beaches

The beaches of Goa are the latest to join the threat posed by global warming and experts feel that due to the phenomenon, rising waters of the sea could submerge beaches in Goa. The alarm was raised amid the dire need for urgent measures due to the fear that sea levels are set to rise by at least one metre, because of the climate change leading to warming of the oceans.

Such action of water rise would normally take thousands of years to happen. However due to the global warming this could take place in around 50 years if no immediate remedial action is not taken.

image A rise of one metre would prove disastrous to the coastal areas of Goa which could be a threat to flooding besides the increased sea temperature would induce an increase in winds and therefore more violent seas.Warmer oceans therefore promote hurricanes and storm surges and this may unfortunately be experienced in around 40-50 years. It is estimated that parts of the Indian Ocean are expected to be badly affected by this climactic change.

The year 2007 saw the lowest ice cover in history and though some thought it was a flash in the pan, the same was repeated in 2008 which has alarmed the whole world to be wary of the threat posed by global warming.

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