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Goan Beaches - Bogmalo Beach

The Bogmalo Beach is a beautiful strip of sandy terrain waiting to be enjoyed. A mix of a serene atmosphere coupled with the bustle of the eateries , the Bogmalo beach is a place where one can happily get lost with oneself.

About Bogmalo
A former fishing village of Goa, Bogmalo still has traces of the fishing community’s strong presence as one heads towards the beach from the mainland. Today, tourism has caught on contagiously onto this area with modern shacks, eateries, and hi tech shops selling Indian handicrafts etc.  Bogmalo Beach

For tourists there are many outlets and shopping centres near Bogmalo Beach, which sell little artefacts, trinklets, mementoes, clothes and handicraft items. However Bogmalo still breathes a freshness of life in its entire outlook.

Although one of the better known places in this part of Goa, Bogmalo is not crowded like the many other beaches in Goa and that is also the probable reason for its cleanliness.

The water is also quite safe for swimming and after a good swim, it is a good idea to head for the bank and order for some delicious Goan cuisine with the various eating places waiting to serve you. Goan Feni is also a good brew to go along with Goan food. However it should be taken only as an appetizer as it can be quite intoxicating in larger doses.

Bogmalo is a beach with a wide expanse and is therefore a broad evenly flat and open beach & may be considered among the least visited beaches.Its unique look may be attributed to the bunch of small beach shack restaurants lined up one against the other before you get into the loose sand of the beach and are nestling peacefully under the shade of coconut palms. Initially a quiet fishing village,

Bogmalo caught the tourists bug when its good word spread and tourists began exploring it. Bogmalo beach is less crowded as also being one of the cleanest beaches.The air of this place is pure , pleasant & tranquil,that is appropriate to calm down the senses.

Where is Bogmalo?
Bogmalo is located around 8km,away from the city of Vasco da Gama and is around 4 km away from the airport making it very easily accessible to any traveler coming to Goa by air. There is a frequent bus service from the city of Vasco as also all taxis, rickshaws and motorcycle pilots are readily available

Why Goa BoBogmalo's Oberoigmalo beach is so special?
While the Bogmalo beach in Goa is self styled in its beauty, it has been made famous by the presence of the Oberoi hotel which has been one of its foremost host in post liberation Goa and is probably one of the few hotels along with the Taj , Cidade and the Majorda beach resort to make a Goan shore its wanton holiday destination.

The Oberoi hotel has been built close to the sea and it is a lovely sight to see the waves lashing the parapets of the open-air restaurant, and the the drone of the restless Arabian Sea tends to lull  sleep into any die hard insomniac. This is one attraction every tourist who knows about Bogmalo wouldn’t like to miss

Across , there are a few mystic little islands, shipwrecks in the silt and, around the hotel, plenty of pleasant eateries-each one of them claiming to be "Osibisa's favorite". The group “Osibisa” had traveled to this place and was hosted by the Oberois over 15 years ago and every one around the area is ensuring they make the best use of the unforgettable visit of the musical group thereby lending a nostalgic touch to their business

There are very few luxurious options such as the Oberoi overlooking the beach. There are also a number of other mid range guesthouses in Bogmalo which are much more comfortable for short stay purposes and which can give a rather homely feel.

This beach is known to be a paradise for fishing enthusiasts as one can indulge in this favourite pastime of many Goans .

In recent times diving is the most basic attraction at the Bogmalo Beach . There is a small diving school where one can learn scuba diving in Bogmalo from a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) approved School. Its office is housed in the Joets guesthouse which is located at the far end of the beach.

The Naval Aviation Museum is another tourist attraction here. Constituted in the year 1998, this museum is the first of its kind in Asia.

On display are aircrafts, sensors, safety equipments weaponry that were used by the Indian Navy. The museum also boasts of a weapons and armaments gallery which showcases a number of different types of torpedoes, bombs, cannons and sensors that have been used by the aircrafts.

Beach Activities
Sunbathing is another popular activity on Bogmalo beach. Apart from these usual beach activities, Bogmalo beach offers an opportunity to enjoy  water sports such as wind surfing, water skiing and diving. Boating facilities are also available here. The Sunset view in the evening is simply amazing from the beach.

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