Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goan Cuisine : Arroz refogado with Chourico

The Arroz refogado with Chourico is a traditional Portuguese cuisine influenced Goan dish, as the name itself suggests. The Arroz means the pulao while the chourico is the pork sausage. So indeed this preparation is of Pulao with sausages for garnishing.

Pulao, is a rice based dish in which rice is browned in oil, and then cooked. Depending on the local cuisine, it may also contain a variety of meats or vegetables such as sausages etc.

Arroz Refogado with Chourico (sausage pulao)
Ingredients needed for the preparation:
6 cups fine basmati rice (clean from chaff and wash wArroz refogadoell)
12 cups chicken stock 
6 soup cubes (optional)
2 onions (sliced fine)
2 tomatoes (sliced fine)
6 flakes of garlic (sliced fine)
5 tbsp pork fat or oil
6 cloves
10 sausages
Salt to taste
Fry the sliced ingredients in oil or fat till onions are slightly browned. Add rice, cloves and fry for a while. Stir in the stock and soup cubes as well as salt if necessary and cook on slow fire with the lid on. Stir the rice now and then separate the grains with a fork. When the stock has dried and the rice is cooked put off the fire. Garnish with boiled sausages, peas, french beans, carrots and sliced hardboiled eggs.

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