Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goa University to team up with Instituto camoes

Goa university's Portuguese department and Instituto Camoes are together slated to organise  a series of activities to commemorate the 35th anniversary of April 25th 1974's Carnation Revolution also known in Portuguese as the"Revolucao dos Cravos".

It may be recalled that the military coup of that date which had its leanings towards the Left, began on April 25, 1974 in Lisbon, Portugal and heralded the change of regime in Portugal from a dictatorship to a democracy after a two year transitional period.

As a part of the activities, on April 24th, a talk will be held on the topic " Portugal throbbing with a new heart' by a former senior lecturer of St Xavier's college and author of many books, Mr Vasco Pinho.

Silvia Braganca, a Goan born artist and teacher at the ENAV( Escola Nacional das Ates Visuais) maputo Mocambique and researcher of Art education, will speak on " 25th of April 1974- Portugal and the overseas people's freedom". There will also be a documentary ' As Duas Faces da Guerra ( the two faces of the war) a film on colonial war in Africa produced by Diana Andringa and Flora Gomes which will be screened at 7 in the evening.

On the 25th of April a talk will be held on ' I missed the revolution of Cravos of April 25 1974 by a whisker... But I can depose on its trial and repercussions' by a well known lawyer Mr Fernando colaco, who will speak about his experiences before the outbreak of happenings in Lisbon.

This is expected to be followed by the "Carnation revolution in Goa and East Timor" by department of Sociology, professor at the Goa University Dr Alito Sequeira who will speak on social changes which took place after the revolution.

A documentary ' Nos e os Outros- uma Sociedade Plural' ( We and the Others- a Pluralistic society) will be screened at 7 pm and on April 26 some films produced in Portugal in the last 30 years will be screened.

Os Lisboetas 9 20040 by Sergio Trefaut , a documentary about the emigration wave which changed Portugal in the last years will also be screened at 11 am. "Portugal SA" ( 20040 by Ruy Guerra,  a political thriller exposing the dark side of the politicians and their ties with the corporate world will be screened at 3 pm

A Sombra dos Abutres ( 1998), the maiden venture of Leonel Vieira has a plot set in Tras-os-montes, the North eastern region of Portugal, in 1961, when Portugal was under a dictatorship and was controlled by PIDE ( a police force serving the regime and which oppressed all those who were against it) will be screened at 5 pm. "O cinema Portugues  depois do 25 de Abril de 1974" by Serge Abramovic will also be screened.

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