Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shillong-Goa rickshaw run teams

The participants of the Rickshaw run spring 2009 on a trip from Shillong to Goa have selected some very catchy names and some very enterprising people inside those rickshaws. Here's a feature of some of them

This is the team called "Goimage_thumb1aing for Gold" and comprises of Mat Collingwood and Joe Holdsworth . Hailing from England and Wales,they call the rickshaw a tuk tuk.So this is a team agog about this whole run and want to help charities with their adventurism


image_thumb3This team is called "shillong way to goa" and comprises of Nick and Andrew from England.They seem to revel in the lack of ground support, unplanned routes and nil knowledge of local languages and what they call very little common sense. In their words " We will be driving a vehicle with a top speed of 30mph. All we have is an antique compass. "

Team " Goabusters" from UKimage_thumb7 is made up of David , Danny and Nick who find India to be a thrilling experience and so different from Britain. Hilariously, they question whether a driving licence in India is a benefit or a curse and are keeping their fingers crossed on their driving luck.

image_thumb10Now this one is called "Fatmandu'. Can 3 people with a combined weight of over 200kg drive a 150 cc Rickshaw across a field in Kent, let alone 5000km across India? Guess "Fatmandu" believe they can!

image This is the team of the "red Hot Chilli Pappadums" and they just cant wait to hop on their rickshaw and get the excitement of the adventure for charity. Comprises of Patricia and Jaco from the UK and Poland


There are 47 such teams in either twos or threes and all of them are expected to converge on Goa by this weekend, the 25th Of April 2009 and have a ball of a time when they meet up on the beaches of Goa

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