Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rickshaw run teams storm into finish line at Goa

The rickshaw run spring 2009, organised by the adventurists from UK saw plenty of teams among the 47  that originally set out from Shillong making it to the finishing line set at Colva thereby completing the rigorous 4000 km journey in the unbelievable conveyance of the rickshaw to Goa.

Receiving them at the finish line at Colva were Dan Wedgwood and Neeraj Lama of the Adventurists who had a personal tete-a-tete with each team converging on the finish line at Colva in Goa. The scene was one of great sharing of experiences as team after team were overflowing with their bit of experiences which they were keen to share with the other teams who made it to Goa from Shillong in less than 2 weeks time.

RickshawRun finish line in GoaThe whole atmosphere therefore was one of great fun, laughter and revelry with the tiredness of the teams disappearing after meeting the other members of participating teams leaving an open ground for great camaraderie and fun at the finish line in Goa.

So teams form the United Kingdom to Australia and Belgium, to New zealand made it to the finish line with only a few teams still awaited to drive in their rickshaws with a blazing trail of experiences behind them. Plenty of photographs and videos of the experiences were being shared and the joy of the experience was simply hard to contain among the participants who finally landed in Goa.

Rickshaw run in goa arrivals board

At the finish line was also an "ARRIVAL BOARD" put up by the adventurists, to details the chronological order of arrivals with a one-liner space to gist out the experience. There were some hilarious lines among those columns which the participants wrote down themselves.

On the arrival board among the many comments, one team, the "Not 2 Shaw" wrote - 'Run off road by lorry, missed sleeping goat by inches'. Another "the Phew" mentioned "'Chief of Police gave us his mobile number!" while the Blazing Chillies jotted to record - "nearly hitting an elephant (with no lights)"

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