Friday, April 24, 2009

Goa Bullfights : PETA petitions President

PETA may well again play spoilsport for the miniscule number of people in Goa for whom Bull fights, called "Dhirio" is a sport and who are currently patronised by none other than politicians of the State who want to make Bull fights in Goa legal, with some of them making the issue a poll plank.

The people for ethical treatment for animals (PETA) have criticised the Goa Legislative assembly's move to amend the Prevention of Cruelty act  (PCA) 1960, which could pave the way to make bull fights in Goa as a traditionally legal sport.

In their petition, the PETA have tried to impress upon the President the purpose for which PCA stands for which is "to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering on animals".

PETA has also made similar petitions to the Governor of Goa, the Chief Minister and the Speaker, urging them to prevent such cruel acts from taking place in Goa while taking up the cause of the hundreds of animals who are pushed and forced into these fights in the name of traditional sport.

PETA also highlighted the damage caused to the animals health as also the risk involving human spectators at such bull fights while calling the bull fights as illegal, unforgiving and inhumane.

Terming the PCA as a central act, PETA maintained that any amendment by the state legislature had to be in accordance with the procedure laid down by the constitution of India..

It may be recalled that the Curtorim MLA Mr Aleixo Reginald Lourencio of the Congress party had moved a private members bill in the legislative assembly in favour of legalizing bull fights in Goa on the 25th of March, which was passed unanimously with the support of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)as well.

The Bill seeks to give legal standing to bull fights, commonly known as "Dhirio" in Goa which is presently under a ban enforced through the intervention of the High court which termed it as a cruelty to animals.

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