Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goa's legal "Dhirio" awaiting battles ahead?

Whoever has said that " one mans food can be another mans poison" must have been absolutely right. While a section of Goans have begun rejoicing at the passing of the bill to regularise the widely popular "dhirios" in the state of Goa, the same bill has hit animal activists adversely.

So while bull owners in Goa are busy fattening their buffaloes and bulls to get ready for the sporty duels ahead,  which seems to enthrall a section of Goans after watching hapless animals fight a bloody mess, animals activists seem to be bracing to challenge the legality of the bill which was passed in the assembly yesterday.

Animal activists point out that bullfights are in violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to animals ( PCAA) and aver that the Supreme Court has upheld this contention. The activists are left wondering how a central statute banning the bullfights can be legal only in the state of Goa.

Asserting that the bill which was moved by a private member and adopted by the state assembly, the activists claimed that the bill validity is null and void since it was not an official bill adopted by the state assembly of Goa.The opposition and the ruling parties were both blamed squarely for the passing of the bill since it was reported to have been passed unanimously.

However there is another strong lobby of citizens who have been praising the passing of the bill saying that 'dhirios' are a traditional sport of Goa and a mere trial of strength of the animals.

There are also some die hard enthusiasts who have requested the government to recognize 'dhirio' as a sport having a potential to attract tourists to Goa. Claiming that Goa is unique in the staging of this sport, these fans of 'dhirios', have urged the government to take steps to encourage the game, and promote them to attract tourists which they say would give the government the much needed revenue and generate employment for many Goans.

The Goa bull owners association has in the meanwhile seized on the legal standing of the sport and has urged the government to provide proper infrastructure for he staging of dhirios in Goa.

It may be recalled that various politicians in Goa had promised to legalise dhirios in their manifestoes of the last election, in keeping with the popular demand of many section of Goans who were lamenting the ban on the bull-fight.

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