Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goa Board to enforce strict measures against cheats

Students cheating in examinations, as a means of getting through, are expected to find the going tough during the forthcoming SSC and HSSC exams in Goa.

Students are being forewarned about the rules of examinations in all sexamschools in Goa along with the consequences of being caught cheating during exams and the same is printed along with the applicable punishment on the application forms for the exams while also displaying them at prominent locations in exam centers all over the  state of Goa.

In a bid to clamp down on malpractices indulged by students, the conductors of exams at all centers in Goa will follow guidelines to ask students to relieve themselves of any materials in their pockets, outside the examination halls with strict warnings before entering the  halls.

If found guilty under the prevailing rules of the Goa Prevention of Malpractices at universities , Board and other examinations act 1991, the intimidation or cheating at exams is considered to be a non bailable and cognizable offence which can be charged with a six months imprisonment or a fine of Rs 500 .

The Chairperson of the goa Board has therefore warned the students to refrain from any cheating in any form as the same could hurt their prospects in future very badly as also leading to the holding back of their examination results.

As per  the rules enforced a few years back, the unique bar code and hologram stickers on answer sheets have proven to be a deterrent in cheating with the mischievous students unable to copy by exchanging the answer sheets.

Around 17,300 students are expected to appear for the SSC exams on March 30 across 23 centres in Goa while a tally of around 13,400 students are scheduled to appear for HSSC exams all over the state across 13 centers in Goa beginning March 14.

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