Monday, March 23, 2009

For the love of the Goan sunsets

Goa is the undisputed destination for sun sea and sand in the Indian Sunset in goa union. The place has been famous for its beaches, Churches, temples, Feni, Carnival and the delicious Goan cuisine. Of recently, Goan casinos have been another reason for some arrivals in the state

Among these interests, the Goa beach is a hot favourite both in the world and within India and people are known to get lost watching the waves thrashing against each other as the sun above them changes colour. Goa sunset copy

Sunset on the Goan beach is a  delight that few would miss while on a trip to Goa. So the evenings in Goa are normally full of people dotting all the beaches in Goa where you will find closely entwined young couples professing their love in the sand, or the elderly couple musing away their time in togetherness or the little kids frolicking on the beach as the Goan sun bids goodbye for the day.Goa sunset scene

There is a certain romance associated with the sunset in Goa. The sun changes into a variety of colours as it meanders its way downwards and drowns itself on the other side of the earth. You will witness the sun which was shining bright before six slowly dimming away with a sheen of orange enveloping it and in between visiting different shades of the colour to make for a mystifying view.

The last moment where the sun kisses the sea, is a moment of absolute bliss and has been wonderfully captured by many a avid photographer to adorn his various albums or online pursuits or simply to circulate the Goan feeling among family and friends goa beach sunset

It is for this reason that people pull out their cameras ever so willingly to capture the imagination of the Goan sunset which captivates the senses in a brilliant fashion.

Many love stories have blossomed amidst the Goan sunset and many arguments have been solved in its surroundings. It somehow lends a serene feeling to many who flock to the beach after a hard days work to unwind themselves in the  blissful Goan sunset.

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