Saturday, March 7, 2009

The value of the Portuguese passport for Goans

The pursuit of the Portuguese passport by Goans is sure to gain momentum with the news of the United Kingdom and the United states enforcing new visa norms aimed at curtailing the influx of Indians into these countries.

While recession is the root cause of this decision by the respective governments of the two countries, Goans pursuing the Portuguese passport, stand to gain from these new regulations.

The new regulations apply to all citizens outside the UK and the Europeanportugal passport for Goans Union.This means that whoever is outside this framework will have to abide by some tough regulations to enter these countries. However Goans with a Portuguese passport shall be deemed as Portuguese nationals and therefore be considered under the umbrella of the European union which is excluded from the new guidelines and are therefore eligible for applying for jobs anywhere in the United kingdom freely.

Apart from being eligible for all kinds of jobs in the UK, Goans will also have no competition for jobs from other Indians in the United Kingdom thereby making their market value higher than the present levels which is a big advantage. Housing and other related factors also will be a shade cheaper owing to the vacancies created by non-eligible Indians in UK.

Also the United states allows European citizens a tourist visa to enter the country and this should enable Goans to enter United states and search for jobs and thereafter legally enter the country on employers sponsorship basis

It is therefore in the interest of all Goans to apply for the Portuguese passport and follow up the process diligently as the same is a golden opportunity to tap employment in Europe.

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