Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goa's new Dhirio

It sure resembles a classroom of small kids squabbling and screaming for a coveted place, thing or chair. And once not able to get it, a fight ensues which if not defused by the intervention of the teacher can turn nasty with plenty of bruises.

Our political situation in Goa is similar if not worse. The nastiness of the Goa assembly which has been continuously  shaken to its foundations by the belligerence of 40 legislators never fails to spill its cruel disposition over the elections to Parliament.

While the verdict on the Congress candidate for the north Goa seat is not out as yet, the claimants for the seat in South Goa make up for the "dhirio' which has incidentally been banned in Goa. We do not need a "dhirio" when we have our class of politicians who are willing to fight tooth and nail for just about any thing they see is good enough to humiliate one another.

Never mind if they are actually part of the same ruling side. Never mind whether they are befitting of the position of an MP or whether their past antecedents call on them to consult their conscience atleast for the sake of the people. But No! The games of one-upmanship seem to be going undeterred.

Making up for the names in queue for the position of 'apna MP"are plenty of self appointed nominees who have threatened to split all vote banks and ransack all chances of rivals if not presented with the most desirable ticket.

Threats and counter threats are not the only ingredients of the sleazy plots. There are parties and counter parties, some with ditto names whose  fate still hangs in courts as they dish out their wares to the gullible people of Goa making sure that the opportunity at hand is not lost for anything.

So while there is the official congress candidate who does not know what is who and when,  the "NCP" is breathing down his neck with its own plans and the UGDP is willing to enter the ring whenever it deems right while you just cannot miss the "Save Goa" twins who are still to find out which is the real one but are propping their own figure of interest, the MGP once a roaring Lion is calling out to its old long lost party hopping veterans to help it stand again atleast to field a candidate, thus exposing the absolutely rudderless sense of unanimity within a ruling coalition of "partners of convinience" to choose one candidate among themselves, to stand in the fray.

No wonder Goans have decided to stand up strongly on their own for each and every issue affecting their lives in Goa as our legislators are busy proving their worth in the political circus of modern Goa.

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