Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goa church calls out to people to vote wisely

Advising people in Goa to exercise their franchise with utmost sense archbishop of Goa of responsibility after a thorough reflection and discernment process of the political situation in the country, in the upcoming General Lok Sabha elections,  the Archbishop Patriarch of Goa and Daman  Rev. Felipe Neri Ferrao, urged the people of Goa to favour those candidates who can empower the electorate of Goa with the right to recall their elected representatives on grounds of non-performance, corruption and lack of personal integrity.

Responsible and accountable governance being the need of the hour, the Catholic Bishops conference of India(CBCI) have also appealed to the voters to exercise their voting rights judiciously to elect good representatives.

In a detailed analysis of the prevailing situation in the entire country, Bishops all over the country have highlighted the insensitive nature of political leaders towards the suffering of those people who are at the mercy of their policies.

The special reference was made to the special Economic zones (SEZs), exploitation of natural resources, constant disruptions of assemblies and parliament by needless walkouts and adjournments, lack of respect for presiding officers, passing of bills without sufficient discussions and the criminalisation of politics.

The appeal also decried the global and external terrorism, the delay tactics of the state, intolerance towards the creative artistes, idolisation of money and power displacing Goa.

The bishops also urged the electorate to ensure that their names are included in the voters list and the need for choosing candidates without any criminal background or record.

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