Monday, March 16, 2009

Goa's Gardens to be bold and beautiful!

Beautification of Gardens in Goa is the latest fad that seems to have hit municipal corporations in Goa at last. Ambitious projects to beautify the Margao and Panjim Municipal gardens have gone underway with both the bodies aiming to restore and improve the beauty of the gardens to its rightful glory.

garden1 The forest department which undertook the project of the beautification of the Margao Municipal Garden has almost completed the first phase and the historic and recreational landmark is expected to be open in April 2009 to the public with an addition of amusement facilities as also a jogging track.

The dilemma over the maintenance of the garden was sorted out after the garden was handed over to the parks and garden division of the forest department for the beautification process.

The work on the northern part of the garden called the Aga khan park was undertaken at a huge budget of Rs 60 lakhs with provision for crystal and glass mosaic tiles. It is speculated that the crystal and glass mosaic tiles installed in the garden are expected to give the garden a stunning effect which would be a magnetic puller for the people of south Goa to spend their evenings in the garden.

By April 2009 the garden is expected to draw huge crowds once the new look is complete and the garden is thrown open for the public. Besides the new fountains, the extra work involved has been planting of new ornamental Municipal gardenand flowering plants, renovation of the old crocodile moat, water proofing, installation of gates, joggers track, new swings, raising glass avenues, adding new infrastructure for amusement etc.With the garden abounding in greenery, romance and photo shoots are also taking precedence in the new look backdrop of the garden

The Agha khan park of the garden was named after Aga Khan during his visit to Goa before liberation of the state, by Goa's last Portuguese governor general , Vassalo e Silva in the year 1959.

The Panjim Municipal Garden also known as Garcia da orta will be also restored to its original glory by October 2009. The corporation of the City of Panjim (CCP)has already forwarded the bid for the restoration to the PWD for its approval and the work is expected to commence by mid -April 2009.

Goa's gardens are finally expected to look vibrant and hospitable to the Goan crowds and to tourists alike.

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