Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nuvem locals want Goa's western bypass to be scrapped

Yet another meeting of the villagers of Nuvem last week was a show of complete indignation as various speakers lambasted the government's plan of the proposed western bypass and called for its immediate scrapping.

Accusing the government of planning to scuttle Goan houses and lush green paddy fields including the River Sal, the villagers have threatened to go on a fast unto death to if the government fails to pay heed to their genuine concerns.

The Citizens Welfare Committee leader Ms Ethel Lobo flayed the government over the issue of employing outsiders in Goa's public utility projects  such as hospitals etc and questioned the wisdom of the government in denying the same to locals of Goa.

CWC general secretary Sanjeev Raiturcar was critical of the very need of the western bypass when the eastern bypass was reportedly enough to meet all the requirements.

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