Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goa BSNL taken to task over negligence

The BSNL at Goa seem to have learnt it the hard way when the Goa PWDs sewerage department handed to it a bill amounting to Rs 2.5 lakh towards the damage that it caused to a sewage chamber due to its cable laying works at Fatorda.

The bill was raised after the directions to this effect were issued  by the District Magistrate, South Mihir Vardhan who asked the telecom company to compensate for the losses it caused due to its work of digging in the area.

The damaged sewage chamber had caused an alarm in the area as the fears of contamination to drinking water were apprehended in the area including a neighbouring well which emanated a foul smell triggering the alarm and the subsequent detection of the damage done by the underground cabling work. The PWD was now in the process of conducting a survey of manholes and chambers in the vicinity to identify any more damage.

BSNL which lays cables through a trenchless technology system had earlier accepted its mistake of damaging the sewage chamber

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