Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goa's special status : Need of the hour

The scene is getting murkier by the day and land grabbing exercises are becoming rampant all around us in Goa. However there seems to be absolutely nil movement in the respect of granting special status for Goa.

Even after a lapse of 47 years after liberation, Goans are still awaiting the fructification of the apparent promise made to Goans by Nehru to grant us special status. But there seems to be no more word on that. We are continuously bordering on the prospect of being called strangers in our own land.

If there is a real calculation of our existing land  it is a pittance. After deducting forest land, cost line area, hilly areas, agricultural land and the seven rivers, Goa is left with just around 350 sq kms of land which is completely insufficient and cannot bear the influx of migrants on a continuous basis. Rampant selling of land  and lack of jobs for our youth in Goa is a matter of big concern but our legislators seem to have only vested interests in mind instead of targeting this problem earnestly.

While Goa's scenic beauty , for which the world marvels at Goa, is gradually transforming into a concrete jungle, our politicians seem to be so shortsighted in their immediate conquests for riches at the expense of Goa, that they dont realise that they are actually killing the golden goose. Who will come to see the concrete jungles of Goa if we allow the blatant rampage on our beautiful land?

There is an enormous pressure on the existing fragile infrastructure and complete breakdown in the facilities like proper water, sewerage systems, electricity and lack of garbage disposal sites which is slowly eroding Goa and pushing it on a downslide.

Our ruling politicians should therefore wake up from their petty slumber and pull up their socks and work wholeheartedly for the most important issue of granting special status for Goa immediately

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