Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cheap accommodation in Goa

For the avid tourist coming to Goa, the question uppermost in the mind is how to kGoa beach at nighteep the cost of touring low and level of entertainment high.  The world tourist or the Indian tourist planning a trip to Goa or on a tour of Goa have therefore subconsciously got the word " cheap" spilling out of their mouth, which often traps them into settling for substandard accommodation at a price which could have offered them much better in Goa.

The idea that the tourists actually come with, is to keep the cost of accommodation as cheap as possible while also ensuring that it is  upto the mark. For tourists arriving in Goa, looking out for the right accommodation can often be a nightmare. Like all places in India, Goa is also infested with touts and agents who want to make that quick buck without actually caring about the kind of accommodation that they can guide you to.

It is common for  tourists arriving in Goa to be poached at the Railway stations , bus stops Goa sunset beautyor even at the airports and huddled off into cabs to be dropped at an unsuspecting hotel or lodge in Goa which most often than not, turns out to be substandard to the requirements, leaving the tired visitor unhappy with the place. Motorcycle pilots and rickshaw drivers are all part of this skillful job of convincing tourists about an exciting place, wherein  the actual place as discovered by tourists later is quite much the contrary.

Th e reason that motorcycle pilots and rickshaw owners or cabbies guide tourists to substandard accommodation is because they are paid a handsome commission by the owners of such places. The beneficiary here is only the owner and the agent and the customer is left at his wits end.

WhilGoa apartments on rente people are flocking to Goa to get a taste of its beautiful scenery, sun tanned Goan beaches, delicious cuisine, and a west influenced culture, tourists are also seeking to stay in a place which they find comfortable by all means. No one is interested in checking into hotel rooms with creaking beds, scent of mildew or with bathrooms which are unhygienic and carelessly maintained.

So while cheap accommodation may be the desire, no one is willing to compromise the word " cheap" with the quality of accommodation which may be offered. What the tourist actually means by cheap accommodation in Goa, is good. clean and pleasant accommodation at a cheap cost. However most of the agents and touts use this word " cheap" to put the tourists on the back foot and lure them into accepting sub standard accommodation which can actually ruin a holiday. 

I have observed that tourists who come without any planning for their holiday in Goa are often victims of such misguided and unsuitable accommodation which often leaves a bad taste. There cheap accomodation in goaare  some tourists who despite an unplanned holiday, are willing to move from location to location along with the agent in quest of the most suitable accommodation of their wish and are unwilling to settle for anything less. However after a long outstation journey, this search can add to the tiredness and often tourists finally compromise for a raw deal.

Planned holiday to Goa is therefore essential to ensure that the holiday is a pleasant one which can leave happy memories. There are however some good places inside Goa which can offer various options of cheap but high quality accommodation at affordable prices.

Tourists coming to Goa will always find many hotels expensive due to their higher tariffs. Also hotels are often crammed to fit in everything in one room and a small family often finds the space too little especially with the kids around.

The answer to this problem is to book self contained apartments in Goa, which are equipped with all the requirements of a hotel minus the paucity of space. Also the added benefit in these apartments is the availabilibeach side accomodation in goaty of resources such as television with cable connectivity, gas connection, utensils for cooking, kitchen area, split air conditioning, refrigerator, geyser, crisp bedding etc.

Also the rooms are often spacious with a main hall , a sofa with a dining table and a double bedroom with a cupboard area. The cost involved is much lower than the hotels in Goa, offering lesser resources but higher tariffs. Also since hotels are large properties their maintenance is often found wanting. However apartments in Goa are maintained by individual owners who give special attention to their place to ensure good customer satisfaction and  return business in the long run unlike the well known hotels who often take customers for granted.

" Good Living Styles" is a resourceful place in Goa wherapartment accomodation in goae the above requirements are well met and I have often found that clients are returning back for a holiday every year to the same place having experienced a nice holiday before. To book accommodation which is cheap in Goa with the best of amenities at beach side locations, click here.

Wish all tourists arriving in Goa, a happy holiday.

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