Monday, March 30, 2009

Using Goan employees to shield illegalities in Goa

There is never a dearth of loopholes to take advantage of, in the Goan system of governance. And if there isn't any in sight, a lot of head scratching and brainstorming will surely open up a new window to exploit so that one's skin is saved. Never mind if it is immoral or unethical or simply illegal. Issue is, it works!

Using Goan employees as a bait seems to be a wonderful technique discovered by many in Goa who are on the wrong side of the law. It is obviously another topic about how they were allowed to travel for so long on the wrong side and who should be accountable for it. However what comes to the fore is a suddenly created urgency of saving jobs of innocent Goans.

The brainwave of using employees under the pretext of them losing their jobs is the latest fascination caught onto everyone whose illegalities come into the open. To substantiate for the reason to continue with the illegalities , these employees seem to come forth to present their case as if the illegalities are justified at least for the sake of their jobs.

With the elections hovering like a shadow of  a demon, everyone in Goa seems to see a valid opportunity to seek their pound of flesh with the result that the government is gleefully busy swallowing everything that any vested interests such as employees of illegal establishments are throwing at them.

For employee issues, there is a labour department in place to redress their grievances. Their terms of employment with their employer are not based on illegal machinations with the state of Goa. Employees of such organisations should therefore be advised to approach the labour department or alternatively be asked to take legal recourse in the event of them losing their jobs due to the clampdown on illegal activities of their employers or due to their employers not following guidelines laid down by the government of Goa.

However falling for the bait of protecting jobs of employees and thereby regularising illegalities simply reflects the ever-willing foolhardiness and breakdown of a governing system which lacks both teeth and stamina.

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