Friday, March 20, 2009

Keeping Ram Sena away from beautiful Goa.

The decision of the Ram sena to set base in Goa has been rightly met with opposition both from the ruling Congress as well as the BJP who have both indicated their allergy to the organisation which tried to garner publicity by beating up innocent women in a pub in January 2009 at Mangalore.

The Home Minister Mr Ravi Naik has said that the government of Goa will not allow the Ram Sena to set up base here and would take all measures to prevent the entry and setting up a branch of an organisation that preached divisive policies and promoted hatred between communities.

The leader of the Opposition Mr Manohar Parrikar terming the Ram Sena as a " bunch of criminals", said that they should not be allowed to set shop in Goa. Mr Parrikar also pointed out to the BJP government in Karnataka which had already approached the court against the group.

A new organisation called Goa for harmony ( GFH) in the meanwhile, has urged the state government to take necessary steps to prevent the setting up of the Ram Sena within the state of Goa.

Goans must come together in an unanimous voice to support the government in this move against setting up of such fascist organisations like the Ram Sena In Goa. Goa is a peace loving state and an example for the rest of the country to follow. By allowing such rabid organisations to enter our state, we will only expose our youth to their poisonous brand of perverted nationalism which only aims to lure jobless youth by brainwashing them with fundamentalist ideologies which we do not need in our beautiful Goa.

The beauty of Goa is our ability to live together peacefully which has been our hallmark for centuries. People arriving in Goa marvel at our state of crime-free society which is the reason why Goa is also excelling as a tourist destination. Such rabid organisations have no place in our state of Goa and should be kept outside the door.

Let us Goans oppose these senseless moral police, tooth and nail.

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