Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cell phone connection gets absurdly cheap in Goa

Cell phone connections in Goa and Maharashtra have gone cheap indeed, thanks to BSNL which has introduced the new version of its Lifetime Prepaid known as "SARAL ANANT"  which comes at a lower price point of Rs 49 with Sim Card and Starter kit. Whats more, it has a talk time of 10 Rs to chat on.

With such a low plan on offer, BSNL has a beeline for subscribers who have been queuing up to take benefit of the cheapest plan in the prepaid segment so far.

It may be recalled that around 3 years ago, cell phone major AIRTEL had introduced the "life time" plan at a one -time value of 999 to stay connected for Life ( which actually means till the expiry ofclip_image001 their operating licence). While the figure of 999 and the lifetime plans were soon imitated by other cell phone operators, the plan remained in the same denomination for a few years. However the figure of 999 was halved to around 499 for a lifetime connection last year and slid drastically to Rs 99 a few months ago. This offering at a stunning low of Rs 49 which has been introduced by BSNL, is the latest in the seemingly competitive price and tariff war among cell phone companies to woo subscribers.

However all lifetime plans of BSNL are actually with a validity of six months and have to be topped up with a recharge voucher of Rs 50 after every six months to stay connected. This effectively means a charge of a paltry Rs 9 per month to remain connected to their network.

BSNL Maharashtra and Goa also launched ‘General Starter Pack" with Prepaid sim card' at Rs.20 only with talk time of Rs10 and Validity of 50 days.

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