Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goa shows the red card to the Sri Ram Sena

The loathsome plans of the Sri Ram sena to brandish its wares in Goa have hit a major block thanks to the timely ban imposed on it by the state government which moved swiftly in banning the controversially communal outfit in the state.Sri ram sena banned in Goa

Further the government has warned that whoever attempts to launch the SRS in the State would face arrest.

After the scathing criticism of the ambitious attempt of the SRS to enter Goa, the Home Minister Ravi Naik on Saturday cleared the file imposing the ban on any operations of the SRS in the State.

Stating that Goa is a peace-loving State , the Home Minister informed that notorious outfits with a history for disturbing peace in other states will be banned in Goa and asserted that the government of Goa will not allow such institutions to spoil the state's harmony.

Informing that there was a unanimous feeling among Goans to ban the SRS from the state, the Home Minister said that Goans themselves will teach such outfits a befitting lesson if they ever think of entering the state of Goa and preach their hate policies.

It may be recalled that the opposition leader Mr Manohar Parrikar had also criticised the SRS plans to enter Goa and termed them a bunch of crooks and criminals . The Home Minister appreciated the views of Mr Parrikar on the issue

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