Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goa to finally witness the "Best out of waste"

The garbage issue which has gripped Goa for the last couple of years is looking its head up. This time for goodness sake. It is therefore certainly a lesson to be learnt fast by our elected representatives to remove their band of blindness and absolute lack of application to efficiently solve the garbage problem which if addressed properly  can come up with profitable answers against the adoption of simple concepts and timely measures which have hitherto been ignored.

Also it seems that Margao is the one going to lead it all the way with the dynamic chairperson of the Margao Municipal Council Mr Savio Coutinho meticulously implementing some good measures to solve the problem.

The result is that on April 2nd 2009, the Margao Municipal council will dispose off the compost and crude plastic bails via an auction at 10 am for a handsome amount.

The segregation and composting of the waste began at sonsodo after the Margao Municipal Council engaged the services of the Goa Foundation, an NGO to tackle 50 tonnes of waste heaped at the site on a daily basis..

The result has been rich compost valued at over Rs 1 lakh presently awaiting disposal at the site. Also crude plastic bails are awaiting suitable buyers.

The upset value fixed for the 10,000 kg of vegetable compost is Rs 3 per kg  and Rs 5 per kg for the 15 tonnes of fish and meat compost awaiting disposal. The plastic bails counting to about 200, each weighing about 25 kgs totaling to about 5000 kgs has been fixed at an upset price of Rs 2 per kg.

Thus a handsome revenue from waste is finally waiting to see the light of day, thanks to the dedication of the Chairperson of the Margao civic body who seems to have efficient plans to tackle the problems plaguing the city while also making a profit.

If our politicians and bureaucrats in the rest of Goa follow the example, and honestly go about doing their job, Goa could see plenty of good emerging out of its vast resources.

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