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Great Goans : General Sunith F. Rodrigues

Today this blog features General Sunith F. Rodrigues , a Goan who shone outstandingly in the Indian military services as also public service in the country. He is currently the governor of Punjab.

A Goan by heart, General Sunith F. Rodrigues made Goa proud when he was elevated to the highest position in the Indian Army after he was appointed a s the Chief of Army staff in the year 1990 and went on to serve in the position for three years before retiring.

After signing off as the chief of the Indian Armed Forces in June1993, General Sunith Rodrigues, decided to get back to his original roots and therefore decided to settle down in Goa, his native land.

Before calling it a day, his long innings in the military spread over several decades saw him display exceptional bravery in countering numerous testing situations for the country.

He was naturally bestowed with befitting laurels , the most prestigious of them being the Param Veer Chakra award. Now in retirement, he is well and truly on the go in Goa.

Military Service
Born on the 19th of September 1933 in the city of Bombay, he received his education from St. Xavier's High School in Bombay and subsequently attended the joint services wing of the Indian military academy in 1949. Later he was commissioned in the regiment of Artillery in December 1952.

He attended the Defence Services Staff College and took over as GSOI operations in a corps Headquarters in the year 1971.

His bravery came to the fore in the India - Pakistan war of 1972 and was therefore decorated with the Vishist Seva Medal for his exceptional performance.

Between the years 1973 and 1975 he served as a GSOI operation of a division.

From 1975 to 1977 General Sunith Francis Rodrigues led a mountain Brigade in a high altitude terrain. and later attended a course in 1978 at the Royal College of Defense Studies in the United Kingdom

From 1979 to November 1981, he served as the  
General Sunith Francis RodriguesChief instructor of Defense Services Staff College.

In the year 1982, General Sunith Francis Rodrigues secured a Masters Degree in Defense Studies. From 1983 to September 1985 he served as the Chief Staff of a Corps and subsequently was appointed as Director General Military Training.

He continuously held several responsible and prestigious positions in the army. He commanded a corps as GOC in the Northern Sector in 1986.

From November 1987 to April 1989, General Sunith Francis Rodrigues served as Vice Chief of Army Staff and then GOC-in-C of Central Command from April 1989 to October 1989.After that he Commanded the Western region from 01 November 1989 to 30 June 1990.

General Sunith Francis Rodrigues eventually assumed the charge of the Chief of Army Staff in 1990 and served in this post the next three years. He retired on 30 June 1993 after in 41 years of distinguished service to the nation.

During his tenure, General Sunith Rodrigues was known among his compatriots as a thinker and a strategist.

Soon after retirement General Sunith Francis Rodrigues started his sojourn in public service. He was appointed as the Director of the International Centre, Goa where he served for about six years.

Since his retirement, he has been engaged in social and literary pursuits and has also been delivering lectures on strategic issues. He takes a keen interest in education and strives to empower children to achieve their potential.

He was appointed as the advisor in the National Security Advisory Board for two terms and was also associated with various types of social works and used to deliver his valuable speech in different strategic issues. He gave his time for expanding education and inspiring children to achieve their ambition.

General Sunith Francis Rodrigues was appointed on the Executive Council of Goa University for 7 years. He was the member of the Managing Committee of the Goa Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Goa Planning Board and the Board of Governors of the Goa Institute of Management.

Gubernatorial  Position
General Sunith Francis Rodrigues, was appointed as the Governor of Punjab and Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh on 8 November 2004.

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