Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goa Beaches - Nuem Beach, down south of Goa

The beautiful Nuem village which is next to Betul in south Goa has been a traditional home to fresh water springs and is a secluded spot for picnickers to unravel. While the route to the beach is a terrain of steep slopes and narrow roads, the beach has been ravaged with time with some picnickers left overs causing concern.Nuem Beach

The  Nuvem (Nuem) Beach is a small tiny beach which is covered in black and red stones. At high tide the waters rise to a high level and the sandy bank of the beach is lost among the waves and only the rocks are seen still breathing above the waters. There is a fresh water spring below the hills, the waters of which immerses into the sea. The creek is a place where the picnickers like to wade in the waters and it can be quite a delightful place with a lot of party revellers around.

Nuem beach area

How to get there
The beach is around the cananguinim beach in South Goa and is around 20 km from the commercial city of Margao. Take the road to Betul via Assolna and Velim and you will have to negotiate some slopes and sharp turns untill you get a steep slope downwards leading you to the Nuem beach.

Nuem Beach hilly side

The beach is a secluded spot with no restaurants or eateries around. One has to carry almost everything to survive the trip and any refreshments are atleast a couple of kilometres away. However the serenity of the place is still intact and one hopes that the government of Goa diverts some attention to beautify this enchanting place to restore it to its former glory.

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