Thursday, April 2, 2009

Portuguese nationality for Goans: Documents needed for the Bilhete de Identidade (BI)

To apply for the Bilhete de Identidade ( BI) for Goans claiming the Portuguese nationality, the documents required are as follows

1. Assento de nascimento issued not earlier than 6 months

2. Document of Identification:
---Original Indian passport with elements of identification similar to that of the "Assento" and 1 attested xerox copy.

3. If there is divergence in the names between the Assento de Nascimento and the Indian passport, a divergence certificate should be attached as an explanatory declaration of the divergence

4. Police Clearance certificate

5. Residence certificate specifying a detailed residential address

6. If married, marriage certificate, if marriage not yet integrated in the Portuguese civil registration.

7. Photographs - 5 in number, size 35 mm x 45 mm , white background

8. Additional documents of Identification
---Originals- Ration card and Electorate card.

Specific details
Item Nos (1) and (4) not to be attested. Item No (4) is actually for local reference of the consulate in Goa.

Item No (2) to be attested only with Notary.

Item No (8) in originals only for verification and returnable back to you . These documents are not to be attested by anyone.

For Item No (7), the better photo studios in Goa to have a good neat photograph as per the requirements of the Portuguese consulate are "Sousa and Paul" in Panjim and "Lorenz" from Margao. However other photographers following the photography requirements are also allowed.

For complete detailed and step by step info on the portuguese passport process CLICK HERE


Real Vision said...

Dear Goacom,
I can't tell you how helpful your blog posts have been to me!
Many thanks for the invaluable and concise advice in your posts on the transition to Portugal.

We (my father and I) decided to do the procedure ourselves. Currently awaiting a reply from the Registos Centrais Portugal on the outcome. It is going to be a year now. Is this normal waiting period to hear from them?

One thing your readers may benefit is from the new portuguese consulate website in goa, where there is an online check for your application status (no updates so far on ours since the inital posting saying that documents are sent to Portugal)

I would really like any further advice either on your blog or via email if you there is follow up advice and knowledge from you.

Kind Regards,

"Sincerely Siolim"

editor said...

After the BI, wats the next step to apply for the passport

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