Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goa to witness the Rickshaw Run spring 2009!

The adventurists run by the league of adventurists international Ltd., UK organises various events for charity and the Rickshaw run is another of them. The teams participating in the a rickshaw run do so at their own risk while raising funds for a cause. The Rickshaw run spring 2009 event starts from Shillong on Sunday the 12th of April and ends in Goa on Sunday 26 April 2009.

Goa Rickshaw RunThe Adventurists are raising  good money for awesome charities through this venture which started in December 2006 with an aim to mix adventure with fund raising. All participating teams raise funds for their favourite charities through this drive. The rickshaw run is headed for Goa for the first time this year.

The Rickshaw run is all about raising huge amounts of wedge for a great cause or two, so each team has to raise 1000 pounds (Rs 73,000) for charity. The Adventurists aim to being the worlds best adventure enthusiasts fighting to make the world less boring.

The Rickshaw run is pretty simple. With no preparation and less luggage, one flies to the Indian subcontinent and forces 150cc of Indian engineering over thousands of miles of questionable terrain in around two weeks. Upon arrival the teams pause briefly for a game of cricket followed by tea and cakes before reviving the engines and setting off.

The Rickshaw run was initially organised twice a year. However due to massive demand from this year, 2009, it will be thrice. Slotted neatly in between the Winter run starting on New Years day and September's Monsoon run, the extra event is taking place in the Spring.

The teams are expected to use the Rickshaw for travelling a distance of 300 kms along some of the country's most precarious highways and bone-jarring back-roads. However the teams have to navigate their route on their own and no formal one is mapped for them. They can expect to average nine to ten hours on the  road a day. Along the way the teams can perform tasks to gain extra points that could help their final position.

Route of the Rickshaw run
The route of the Rickshaw run changes every time to make sure that it remains a challenge. Once the odd team survives one route, the next route is moved to somewhere harder. Huge mountains, dirt tracks, tropical jungle, monsoons are just some of the things sought to make the adventure truly real.

The organisers roughly plan the routes to take two weeks but no one can blame them if it take the team two years  and half a limb. There are no specific route plans because it is an adventure and  so there is no back up support.

The Machines
Three wheels , half a horse power and more fun than any other vehicle on planet earth, the humble Rickshaw is undoubtedly the ultimate long distance off road machine despite being designed for short distances on road.

The Finish Line
Once the  finish line is reached by all, a winner will be decided by arbitrary means and much pomp and hand shaking commences. After the wondrous occasion, the closing game of cricket is played followed by tea ad cakes. All teams then wend their merry ways back from whence we have come.

This trip ends on the glorious beaches of Goa.

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