Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goa Wedding plans hit hard due to dry election spell

The weddings in Goa which were planned much more in advance to the schedule drawn up by the election commission had to face the weddings in Goaunreasonable brunt of dry days with the commission refusing to grant permission to couples getting married in Goa to serve liquor for the ensuing celebrations.

The excise authorities which received 14 applications from all over Goa from couples with impending wedding celebrations slated for the 21st and 22nd of April had to face the denial by the excise authorities  as the election commission turned down their proposal to grant temporary licences to serve liquor to guests at the reception venues of the wedding celebrations.

Couples tying the knot were therefore a disappointed lot, after the election commission rejected their proposal to authorise the Goa government to issue temporary licences to couples planning wedding celebrations.

However it has to be noted that these couples had planned timagehe weddings at least a year or more in advance to the election commissions declaration of election dates and therefore it was a hard pill to swallow for all the couples who had petitioned the government to grant permission. Tuesday saw nine weddings in the state of Goa with six of them in Salcete , two in Bardez and one in Taleigao.

Meanwhile a number of people gathered in front of the office of the Chief electoral officer on Tuesday morning to register their protest against a comment made by an official that the affected wedding parties could cancel their weddings or postpone it to a later date if they were feeling troubled by the restrictions. Citizens complained that the weddings were planned a year in advance and such comments were uncalled for.

Meanwhile after declining the permissions there were raids conducted on many wedding venues in Goa and the wedding parties were advised to refrain from serving liquor at all costs.

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