Sunday, April 26, 2009

Election commission relaxes restrictions in Goa

Post polling in Goa the election commission has relaxed certain activities in the state which includes tours of ministers to districts and accompaniment of officers on such tours, calling for bids, evaluation of such bids and finalisation of bids and awarding of contracts.

The commission has also instructed that security briefings of the Chief Minister and the Home Minister in essential times should be undertaken by either the home secretary or the Chief Secretary who in turn should be briefed by Police agencies.

The commission seeks to safeguard a free fair and transparent election system  to provide a level playing field to all political parties while ensuring that there is no scope for public complaints that the political establishment in power on the day is not misusing government machinery for political purposes.

however the Election commission has also reiterated that their instructions should not be construed as any restriction to any security related activity of the law enforcing agencies and should not be therefore used as a reason for any inaction ort delay in action to be taken by them. Bonafide performance of the police agencies in the execution of their duty or exercise of their authority should therefore be expected to be undertaken

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